Jasmin receives her letter of acceptance to the first-ever Rightfully Sewn Seamstress Training Program class. Photo by Alfredo Palacol, Hope Faith Ministries

Jasmin receives her letter of acceptance to the first-ever Rightfully Sewn Seamstress Training Program class. Photo by Alfredo Palacol, Hope Faith Ministries

We are extremely excited to announce the participants of our pilot Seamstress Training Program. 

We have built the program based on close relationships with our social service agency partners: Sheffield Place, Jewish Vocational Services, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, and Hope Faith Ministries. Highly engaged, compassionate case managers at these organizations have helped us develop our program. They also identified ten candidates who are motivated, are seeking full-time employment, have a stable home life, and either have sewing skills or expressed interest in the trade. In April, we conducted skills assessment evenings to ascertain the candidates' math, English, ruler, and sewing abilities at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, which is where our pilot program will be held starting in June. (See the top two photos above.)

The six pilot places have been awarded to:

Amna, Syrian, Jewish Vocational Services

Andrescia, American, Hope Faith Ministries

Jasmin, American, Hope Faith Ministries

Liliane, Congolese, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas

Marzia, Afghani, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas

Sholeh, Iranian, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas

These women are inspirational in many ways, and we cannot wait to see them bond with one another and develop their skills. Our expectations for the program are very high: we have a rigorous curricula and we require 100% attendance and homework turn-in rates. In return, we promise to give the seamstresses all the resources they need to become gainfully employed in this growing industry.


At Rightfully Sewn, we believe in knowledge-sharing and collaborations. In addition to our social service agency partners mentioned above, our seamstress training program is made stronger through the following relationships:

VENUE PARTNER: The Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts has a well-appointed sewing room for their robust high school fashion design program, which the Kansas City Public School District is allowing us to use for our seamstress training program. 

INTERPRETATION AND CULTURAL SENSITIVITY TRAINING: We knew interpretation and cultural sensitivity would be elements to plan for after we selected the participants and understood their needs. We are working with Jewish Vocational Services' Language and Cultural Services department to provide these critical elements to our participants, staff, and volunteers. 

SEWN PRODUCT APPRENTICESHIP PARTNERS: The following businesses have expressed interest in hosting our participants in apprenticeships following their graduation: Elevé Dancewear, Arrow Fabricare Services, WomenSpirit and Abiding Spirit Vestments, Asiatica, and ContourMD.

SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PARTNER: Our participants can attend a professional skills development program available through Women's Employment Network, which focuses on workplace etiquette, financial management, and more.


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