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As of December 11, 2017:


American Association of University Women, Kansas City Branch, Nettie Irene Van Der Veer Wagy Fund for Women and Girls

Amy Appleton Dreyer

Angela Armbruster

Suzie Aron

Tom and Carol Barnett

Brittany Barnds

Beach-Edwards Family Foundation

Christina Becchetti Moncke

Ami Beck

Maria Behnen

Nick Bergin

Erik Bergrud and Kimberlee Ried

Dr. Phyllis Bernstein and Robert Bernstein

Ron, Angie, and Addison Bethel

Hillary Beuschel

Betty Birzer

Becky Blades-Phillips

Sheryl and Gary Blair

Amanda Blanton

Bob and Barb Bloch

Tom and Mary Bloch

Diane Botwin

Elizabeth Bowman

Dalene D. Bradford

Michael L. Bradley

Chas Breedlove

Kelly Broesche

Mary Jo and Robert Brown

Jewell C. Buckman

Jared and Katie Campbell

Susan E. Cannon

Dr. Amanda H. Chaney

Charlie Hustle Clothing Company

Pati Chasnoff

Casey J. Claps

Ruth Collins

Lauren Compton

Karen J. Conrad

Tom and Susie Corbin

Consuelo Cruz

Shelly Cryer

Don and Rita Davis

Elizabeth H. Davis

Nancy Day

Karrie Dean Kaneda


Kathryn Dillman

Patrick Donnelly

Steven and Jenny Dover

Jill Draper

W. Dunn

Dunn Family Foundation

Lea Dutton

Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City

Christina M. Eldridge

Elizabeth Adair Design Inc.

Tyler L. Enders

Karie Fahrenholz

Deborah Fender


Ann & Gary Fish

Barbara Fishman, Savvy Style

Patricia Fitzpatrick

Carrie M. Fluegge

Caitlin C. Fore

Wendy Franklin Buono

Trever Frickey

Harvey and SuEllen Fried

Ron and Janet Fuhrken

Rebecca H. Furlong

Terri Gardner

Rhonda, Tom, and Margo Gerke

Erran A. Gilchrist

Leigh Goodmark

Anthony J. Gray

Patty Green Troyer

Michael and Rebecca Gude

Suzanne and Bill Gunning

Harsh Gupta

H & R Block Foundation

Carrie W. Habib

Daniel Hammer

Karen H. Hartzler

Stephanie Hawn

Murline Hayes

Carrie Hayes Wendel

Patty Heintz

Helen S. Boylan Foundation

Sloane Heller

Lyndsey Helling

Heidi S. Herrman

Sarah Hicks

Clayton Hoffman

Margie Hogue

Melissa Holland

Hilari Holt

Camille Honesty

Amina Hood

David Howlett

Karen and Thomas Huff

International Interior Design Association Mid America Chapter

Joan Israelite

Larry Jacob and Steph Guerin

Dodie Jacobi

Kelly Jander

Alicia Janesko

Chris Janzen

Bud Jeffress

Mary Jeter

Joyce and Mick Jilg

Hadley Anne Johnson

Victoria Jones Shelton

Sonya Jury

Kansas City Fashion Week

Jamie R. Kelty

Wendy and Bob Kendrick

Susan K. Kessler DDS

Sheryl and Don Kiefer

Melissa Kirkpatrick

Angela and Max Kmeck

Teri L. Koenig

Fatma Konyalioglu

Thomas Krebs

John A. Kreicbergs

Brenda Kumm

Lisa Lala and Robert Harris

John Laney and Jennifer Short

Lisa Laney

Greg and Lori Lapka

Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer and Eric Pfeifer

John and Jo Lapka

Peter LeBlanc Jr.

Robert Legler

Laura and James Lloyd

Carol H. Logan

Andrea Long

Melinda Lonkausky Wieberg

Tanya Madan Bhatt and Tapan Bhatt

April Madden

Jennifer Maloney

Whitney Manney

Kristi N. Marines

Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation

Anita and Bob Markley

Lauren Markley

Alexis, Don, and Molly Martin

Chad and Jamie Martin

Diane Marty

Timothy B. Massey

Tabbetha McCale Evans

Tracy McClain

Bill McCord

Janelle McCoy

Niki McDowell

Susan McGreevy

Laura McGrew

Candace and Fred Merrill

Helen G. Meyer

Mindy and Chris Meyer

David and Jennifer Miles

Geoff Miles

Kyle Milligan

Ellen Morris

Chris and Amber Mounts

Tonya and Mike Murphy

Nicole Myers

Rogene and Lee Nelsen

Sarah Nelsen

Kristin Nelson

Julie Nelson Meers and Sam Meers

Kate Nickols

Susan M. Nickols

Amelia Nitsch

Matreena M. Noland

Anne Norgaard and Jeremy Lapka

Abigail Oliver

David F. Oliver

Holly Orme

Gayle Packer

Erin Paige

Tom and Elizabeth Paolini

Barbara Paolucci

Cindy Parkans

Pascale Henn Business Law Advisors

Paws Around the Plaza LLC

Meli Pennington

Diane and Ken Pfeifer

Annette Pinter

Michelle A. Plante

Kay and Jim Prevost

Cara Price

PSI PSI PSI Sorority

Lina Qaisy

David Wayne Reed

Dr. and Mrs. William Reed, Jr. 

Katrina and Ken Revenaugh

Brianna Reynaud

Rosie Reynaud

Cindy K. Reynolds

Shana L. Richard

Adam Richardson

Sam and Kathy Richardson

Godfrey Riddle

Rachel Rieke

Stephanie M. Rohr

Monica Rojas

Jeanie and Jake Rome

Nathaniel Savage

Eg Schempf

Paul J. Schofer

Lynn Schultz

Kristin Searle

Susan Seidler Nerman

Katie Sellers

Barbara Shapiro

Scott and Tinker Sharp

Kirsten Shaw Herrscher

Bernard J. Shondell

Mark S. Shuster

Charles R. Sims III and Erica L. Staley-Sims

Dani Singer

Rebecca Smith

Sosland Foundation

Debbie Sosland-Edelman and Alan Edelman

L. Joshua and Jane Sosland

Joan and Robert Spencer

Megan E. Spilker

Rodd and Martha Staker

James Stark

Ronald and Catherine Sterk

Tina M. Sterling

Linnca Stevens

Jennie Stolper

Stephen, Jackie, and Elke Streiker

Corwyn Strout

Kyle Studstill

Dawn Taylor

Natasha Teagarden Kirsch

Garrett H. Toms

Laura Treas

Kelly Turner

Paul Tyler

Elizabeth and Paul Uhlmann III

Yulie Urano

V.Mora Consulting

Katie Van Luchene, KVL Communications


Pauline Verbeek-Cowart

Vivian & Hymie J. Sosland Charitable Trust

VML Foundation

Voices& Model and Talent Agency

Marissa Volz

Nora Wages

Laura Wagner

Bess Wallerstein Huff

Amy E. Waterman

Valerie and Scott Weber

Doug and Teresa Wehmeyer

Shelley Wehmeyer

Katrina Weiss

Carey Wilkerson Looney

Jordan Williams

Clare Wilson

Marsha J. Wilson

Kimberly Winter Stern

Erik and Stacey Wullschleger

Barbara Yeast

Suzy and Blaine Younger

Vanessa Zambo, STOMP

Annie and Rick Zander

Julie Zes


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